Tuesday, November 15, 2011

OSDC 2011 - MiniConf Redux

Last couple of days I hung around Canberra attending the OSDC in ANU and drinking gallons of orange juice and tomato juice in pubs.

The morning was spent catching up on PHP. I learnt stuff like traits, hiphop (via Facebook),  odata (via Microsoft),

On the first day I assisted Jody in running the Geotools workshop. Only a small fraction turned up with laptops, so it was a rather cozy session. I met some old acquaintances again - Matt Paget from CSIRO Black Mountain (TERN) and Kelvin from Adelaide Uni now at DSD.
Osdc geotools students
Osdc geotools the teacherWe celebrated the after conference party at a quiz night, where team OSDC consistently got the lowest score and I learnt trivia like there have been 5 different images of the queen on the Australian coins. The second day was a mad Arduino rush. I acquired an Arduino Uno via Littlebird and lots of wisdom concerning making PCB's and making lights blink in fancier and fancier ways.
Apparently once you have fallen in love with Ferric Chloride you will never go back to anything else for etching. I now just need to find someone to come and have a look at my etchings.