Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bringing Colour to Heights - Quadcopter shopping

So the University has finally reimbursed me for all the quadcopter parts purchase and it is time to shop for new parts for the 2nd version. All the electronics are fairly affordable. The major effort will be in the control system coding, but I found this at the University - that indicates a core of expertise in 3DOF quadcopter control, just need to extend to 6DOF.

On the other hand I have got some more impetus to do a few more filters in OTB-Qgis and even a special project in Orfeo Mantis to jot things down. The easiest thing to do was hillshading from Emmanuel's code. I chose a bit over the alps to show some colours, auto-detection of min/max in data can be enabled to obtain more variety.

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