Monday, May 17, 2010

Mobile Monday and Angel Financing - Risk Averse INC.

I went to my second mobile monday today. There was someone showing off that big iphone - that is an iPad and will not deign with a link (shall we call it sour grapes).

Then there were a couple of interesting talks from Innovate SA and SA Angels Financing. There was some mumbling about false starts and baby steps from the government before innovate SA was formed. Then they talked about angel financing and how 42 out of 43 proposals from start-ups got shot down.

I had a brief chat with Joe regarding AR Games and hustling university resources to build the quadcopter. Given Google 1st iteration was built is Stanford labs and the initial PageRank patent was assigned to Stanford - I have good precedence. Sadly some Universities kill the goose that lays the golden eggs by trying to quickly recoup profit and starve the growing enterprise of funds, or even worse not let outside investment come in and slow down the pace such that the start-up cannot out compete people hiring staff on Elance.

The last clencher, ideas are cheap ... implementations are costly. Here is today's idea, snake jointed twistable lenses (much like the concertina ones in old cameras) to allow realignment and better self-portrait shooting on a night out. But then all the misaligment in hand-extended-in-front-of-face is the fun.
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