Thursday, June 24, 2010

BeagleBoard Stereo Camera on Flickr

A while back I made my BeagleBoard dual-USB stereo camera. Gstreamer is set to capture single frames in this mode and no video synchronization etc. is performed. Gst-Opencv is now installed on the beagle and I might try chaining in some colour detection, but I will wait this opencv-dsp comes along. Getting the images out of the board over scp/sftp was proving to be a pain, so I decided to install a flickr upload script in Python. Apparently the same trick can be done using cUrl with this REST endpoint, but it did not work out too well for me. The USB wireless modem from yesterday works as a perfect network link to push out the images captured by webcams.

Now I can produce unlimited amounts of stereo samples on Flickr for people to compute disparity maps. I will also put on an IR filter on one of the cameras and try capturing some 4 channel images at a distance where the perspective is not such an issue.

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