Saturday, June 12, 2010

Impulse shopping in Singapore and the PC Show

After 4 hectic days in Jakarta I came into Singapore and checked into the Park Royal on Kitchener road near Little India for some much needed R&R. Before I got there I had to negotiate some pretty nasty taxi queue and rush hour Jakarta traffic.

The hotel was quite nice the last time, but this time it was very very full and they put me in a room with a leaking bathroom. I wonder if social media bad mouthing can earn me a free night. It got patched up after a few rounds from housekeeping.

Emmanuel is my local events guide for Singapore. On his recommendation I went to the PC show in Suntec. Technology temptations are hard to resist, I got lured into buying an eeePC Sea Shell series ( blogging from it now), a Prolink USB HSUPA Modem, some SD cards, a Dlink wireless camera with iPhone interface and a 2.4Ghz raw mode wireless video camera.

The raw video camera is quite small and light but it produces composite video instead of IP based video streams. Some culinary experimentation followed. Eventually I ended up at Emmanuel's place. The discussion centred around adding multi-resolution and tile based processing in OTB-Monteverdi to produce something similar to Imagelinker that Ossim has with more functions from OTB's ITK heritage. The design needs to be finalized but some interesting features will be chain serialization similar to ossim specification files, unified filter interface allowing visual chain editing, a plugin architecture allowing dynamic component loading. Orfeo already includes all of ossim code, it will be a matter of placing appropriate calls and establishing a filter signature - lots of boring facade coding in the horizon.

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