Monday, June 7, 2010

Long day in Jakarta - somehow it is rainy season

I flew into Jakarta last night and spent a few hours at immigration. They have implemented finger printing of both hands and thumbs separately. The system is not quite accurate so people have to do 2 or 3 tries before it picks up properly. Thankfully the check for me said no alerts, and then an alert did pop up - no disc space to complete this operation. All the fingerprinting needs to be repeated since there is apparently no room to store the already recorded ones.
Then we did some electronics shopping at Glodok Plaza and attended a meeting. The way to the meeting was tortuous. The cab driver did not know where we were going. So after an hour of driving we had to let him go. It was pouring down at the time and even though we did not reach the destination at least we were dry. This would not have been the case in the next means of transport we had a crazed cross traffic blast in some motorcycle taxis. At least it was an eventful day. On the way we saw some very nice hand drawn art on the street. I really want to get the Einstein.

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