Friday, November 19, 2010

Getting Data from Kinect to OpenCV

Kinect pillowA fair bit of work has already been done in simple template based object identification with the Kinect and even Skeleton tracking. I finally got my hands on one today from JB Hi-Fi, and paid a few bucks extra for it. Harvey Norman finally got them in stock at the end of the day. Terrible logistics or favouritism to employees, or something in-between. Anyway I can now get a 2nd one from the pre-order. Apparently a single USB 2.0 bus is insufficient to handle the stream from 2 Kinects. I did some simple experiments with OpenCV, just adding some hue mapping and swapping the RGB channels, tomorrow we are having the 12Hr Hackathon at Adelaide Hackerspace, might get to make a lantern controller then.
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