Saturday, November 27, 2010

Joys of cleaning the house - Nuking non-compliant code

The openkinect project is nascent and as such the win32 platform support is still stabilizing. Due to the naughty behaviour of libusb on windows several attempts have been made so far to create common API across platforms without a simple maintainable and working version emerging.

GLview on Win32

I decided to learn about kinect, coding on github and merging things in general by taking Zephod's code and putting it in a win32 folder under the library source. I got most of the demo code compiling and running with this approach. I took a master piece of my Ikea chair in depth on Vista 64, apparently a rather difficult OS to get to work on. By then my git code tree had become cluttered with lots of merges, I was working off 3 remotes (my own fork, Zephod and mainline). With some nudging from this video, I deleted all copies of my work into oblivion. I can't control Google cache and such but it felt liberating.

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