Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Preparing to hack the Kinect - OpenKinect on MinGW32

My Kinect is on pre-order, I can only get my hands on it tomorrow. That hasn't stopped me from hacking up the OpenKinect code on my Virtualbox Ubuntu and MinGW. There are multiple API's for it by now in C, Python, Java and C#. I choose to use the C version for easy portability and common Windows/Linux version, as well as the luxury of using CMake.

Here are the steps to get the glview kinect code compiled with MinGW32:
  1. Grab the OpenKinect code from Git, using MsysGit or similar.
  2. Grab the windows compatible libusb, I got the precompiled version to save time.
  3. You may or may not have GLUT, if you don't grab the libraries here and use reimp to make them MinGW32 compatible.
  4. Add a win32 specific linker line into CMake which reads: target_link_libraries(glview freenect OpenGL32 glut32)
  5. Configure using CMake, point to where libusb is, compile and you are ready to possibly enjoy OpenKinect on windows. I make no guarantees on whether it will actually work yet. If you have Windows and MinGW try it and let me know.
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Sriram said...

Its not a comment. I need some help in initializing the kinect. Just new to opensource. Trying to learn new things. My mail id sram78@gmail.com. Could you please guide me in understanding basic things. If you feel that you could help me a bit, it would be great.