Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Python Bindings for Accidental API - and vivi.c

I started a couple of Kinect related projects. Firstly, writing linux kernel driver based on v4l2 and cloning vivi.c to act as a stub. The responses indicate that a gspca based approach might be better, but I had a lot of fun hand hacking the vivi.c code and adding 2 video devices from 1 driver. I will have to wait till someone puts some gspca stub code out.
Secondly, I completed a first working version (as in can get some image buffers) of the win32 python binding from Zephod's code. I followed the swig how-to's and had to resort to typemapping to extract the image and depth buffers, but it all worked out in the end. Not quite as well as I had expected on the 1st attempt but I can replicate some of the early work on Linux in windows now. The colour's in the RGB image are flipped, I will have to change the data order. A lot of frames are dropped so the response is not as smooth as it could be.
Kinect Python on Windows

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